An Integrated Management System

We, City Professional Management Limited (CPML), are fully committed to the continual improvement on positive customer satisfaction and quality, environment as well as occupational health and safety through the adoption of IMS.
We are dedicated to provide cost-effective, efficient and comprehensive security services and solutions to all our clients. We will continue to enhance our services and provide the best to our clients.

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Occupational Health and Safety - ISO 45001:2018

We, at City Professional Management Limited (CPML) are fully committed to the continual improvement of our Occupational Health and Safety standards, and therefore have applied ISO 45001:2018 to help monitor the safety and protection of all of our employees.

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Environmental Protection - ISO 14001 : 2015

We, at City Professional Management Limited (CPML) are fully committed to the continual improvement of our environmental performance, and therefore have applied ISO 14001:2015 to help monitor and protect our environment.

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Quality Assurance - ISO 9001 : 2015

We, at City Professional Management Limited (CPML) are fully committed to providing quality premium services that continuously meet, and exceed our clients requirements and expectations. We have established our Quality Management System in compliance with the International Standards ISO 9001:2015. Committed and complete staff involvement, continuous improvements along with customer satisfaction are the major factors for the successful implementation of the ISO within our company. We are dedicated to providing cost-effective, efficient and comprehensive Security Services and Solutions to all our clientele. Thus, we have successfully reached remarkable achievements, resulting in overall company growth, and the complete satisfaction of both our clientele and employees alike.

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Customer Satisfaction Management System Certification ISO 10002 : 2014

We, at City Professional Company Limited ("CPML") are fully committed to the continual improvement a positive complaint handling culture among organizations and to promote professionalism in the handling of complaints. We are always sincere to listen our client’s opinions and serve them with professionalism. Through continuous improvement of ourselves, we have gained the trust and compliments from our valued clients.

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Caring Company

City Professional Company Limited ("CPML") is honored a “Caring Company” by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service awarded the Caring Company logo for 10 consecutive years, CPML will continue to comply with the mission of this scheme rendering our support and corporate responsibility for building a caring community.

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