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Disinfection Service


証實有效消滅99.99% 病毒及細菌                (包括新型冠狀病毒)

Effectively killing 99.99% of bacteria and viruses                          including CoVID-19


- 具經驗的專業清潔團隊

- 嚴謹挑選產品過程,質素有所保證

- 靈活時間調配,全天候快速安排

- 想您所想,優良售後服務及測試

- 能一站式提供噴灑塗層前的深層清潔服務

- 上市公司背景,您的信心之選

Our Advantages

- Experienced professional cleaning team

- Rigorous product selection process, quality is  guaranteed

- Flexible time allocation, quick arrangement process

- Think what you think, excellent after-sales service and testing

- Provide one-stop deep cleaning service before spray coating

- Listed company background, your confidence choice

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保 護 長 達 30 天

Continuously protects surfaces for up to 30 days




Zoono meets the standards of the New Zealand Food Safety Authority and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), with a safety rating higher than vitamin C, and can be safely used on humans, food and animals.

Safe and Non-Toxic

物 理 性 殺 菌

Microscopic Sanitisation



Alcohol-free and Non-oxidizing

Suitable for a wide range of uses such as metals, plastics, flooring, toilets, mobile, phones, and keyboards. After applying Zoono, the surface can be wiped as usual without hindering the overall sterilization effect.


廣 泛 應 用

Applied Broadly



Professional Certification

The product has been tested by authoritative laboratories and can be used safely on animals, pregnant women and people in general. It is now sold in more than 40 countries.

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有 關 Zoono 產 品 詳 情 請 瀏 覽

For More Information about Zoono, please visit

 我們誠意為您提供全面的消毒服務,欲了解詳情,請致電                             3758 8998

We sincerely provide you a comprehensive disinfection services. For more information, please call

3758 8998

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