Managing Director's Message

Firstly, I would like to sincerely thank all parties for their continuous and caring support of City Professional Management Limited (CPML). I believe our performance here at CPML continues to adhere to, and strictly comply with Asia Allied Infrastructure Holdings Limited’s superior policies and standards on premium one-stop services. The fruits of our labours come from our teammates aspirations for the advancement of overall team spirit and individual performances, with continuous encouragement for all staff members to strive to do their best, and excel on a daily basis.

With the present economic situation, businesses from all sectors are concerned with the principle problem of cost-effectiveness while supplying high quality service. But even under the keen competition this situation has created, we at CMPL can still, not only successfully find a unique position but also sustain an outstanding rank within the market. This can be attributed to our definitive mission of growing together with the market, and our proficient, flexible one-stop services and solutions offered to all our clientele. I have great unwavering confidence in CPML, and I do believe that with our professional, dedicated and sincere approach to all aspects of our services, we can continue to gain more trust and support from all of our clientele in the future.

Once again I thank you for your continuous and caring support.


Michael W.T. Wong

Managing Director

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